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What is PROJECT RM? Project Renaissance Man or PROJECT RM is the government’s answer to what would happen to civilization if an Extinction Level Event (ELE) were to wipe out most of humanity.

The Issue: In the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the government realized if an ELE occurred humanity might not survive. At the very least, we would be thrown back to the Middle Ages, or worse: No working communications, no production of vital medicines, lack of working energy infrastructure, lack of leadership…

The answer: Find the most brilliant minds in America, young polymaths. These young men and women could become experts in multiple disciplines. One might be an engineer, a medical doctor, and a poet. Another might be an expert in agriculture, defense strategies, and theoretical physics. Think of a modern Da Vinci. As Joseph Solomon said, “If even one survives, humanity has a chance. If many survive, we have a bright future.”

The mission: Help prevent an ELE, but if it can’t be prevented preserve “thousands of years of progress and billions of silenced voices.”

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Project Renaissance Man

The Storm almost extinguished our species. Now these obedient teens must learn to rebel to save humanity. 17 years after billions die in an apocalypse, the few hundred survivors are the most brilliant (Renaissance men and women, called RMs) and their less brilliant, obedient children.

What will happen when a small band of the teenagers, led by the president’s subservient son (Matthew Cane) and loner Sophie Jackson, learn the truth about their harmonious society?

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Author: Peter A. Schoemann

Peter A. Schoemann is married to fellow lawyer Christine Eckstein. After living for two years on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Christine and Peter moved back to their childhood home of Florida, where they’ve spent the last two decades raising their four wonderful children.

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Project RM: Volume 2 launches in 2019

Project RM: Volume 3 launches in 2020

Project RM: The Code

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