Project RM

Seven billion people die. You’re one of hundreds left. What do you do?

Where will you get your power, your food, your medicine? You may survive, but what happens to human civilization? Does it return to the dark ages or die off because of the limited gene pool?

In the Project RM: Genesis serials, the characters plan for such an event. Then it happens. On October 24, 2020, seven billion people are wiped out. Will Project RM save humanity? To find out, read the Project RM Novels below.

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Project Renaissance Man

Project Renaissance Man

Faithful to all.

Focused on his duties.

Fearful of everyone’s expectations.

The Storm of 2020 wiped out most of humanity. Of the hundreds remaining, Matthew Cane lives a privileged life. His friends support him. His beautiful, caring girlfriend would do anything for him. And his brilliant, president father treats him like a prince. Yet beneath Matt’s confident exterior, fear consumes him—fear of following in his father’s footsteps and fear of everyone learning his secret. He is no genius, unlike his father, the other 43 Renaissance men and women (RMs) in their little community, and his revered grandfather—one of the brightest people who ever lived and founder of Project RM.

When Matt’s dead mother speaks to him in a dream, he begins to learn the truth. Whether his fears were founded or not, the importance of his new path dwarfs them. To save our species, he and his friends must subvert their elders, risk their lives, and complete his mother’s mission.

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Storm Jumper

Storm Jumper

Drained by his battles.

Disoriented by his surroundings.

Determined to save seven billion lives.

Matthew Cane reached his destination, just not the time or place he expected. He should feel excited. He escaped his father’s grasp in 2037 and flew through a wormhole into the past, to a time when the monster did not yet rule. But Matt cannot escape his father’s influence. It runs deep, into his very DNA.

To defeat his father and save our species, Matt must travel back further in time, jump the Storm, and prevent it from happening. Before he can, however, he has a new, simple, frustratingly difficult mission. And the mission is not his greatest worry. For him to succeed, his mother may have to die all over again.

Author: Peter A. Schoemann

Peter A. Schoemann is married to fellow lawyer Christine Eckstein. After living for two years on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Christine and Peter moved back to their childhood home of Florida, where they’ve spent the last two decades raising their four wonderful children.

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Project RM: Volume 3 launches in 2020

Project RM: The Code

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Storm Jumper
Tales of RM City


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Storm Jumper
Tales of RM City
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