Genesis Series



Awkward around women.

Naïve as to the world around him.

Brilliant spark who might save humanity.

The Soviets have placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, 100 miles from Florida. The president’s address to the nation triggers more than a superpower stare down that, at any moment, could extinguish humanity. It also triggers the abduction of young polymath Joseph Solomon.

Can Joseph overcome his paralysis around beauty Laurel Lyons and escape the KGB? Can he help prevent a nuclear holocaust and save the other kidnapped geniuses? Failure could prove disastrous. Success might usher in a new Renaissance.

Set during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Project RM: Genesis series is more than a separate prequel. The serials play an integral role in, and are part of, the trilogy story. The first four serials are available in one box set, with additional serials to be released every three or four months. If you haven’t read those stories yet, you can find them by way of Project RM: Genesis Box Set

Genesis Series Box Set
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PROJECT RM: GENESIS (The origin story of Project RM)

Abducted with his dream girl. Paralyzed by shyness. The only chance of escape? Talk to her. 16-year old Joseph Solomon has spent two years as genius assistant to Professor Drucker and the same two years too shy to talk to beautiful co-assistant Laurel Lyons. Now, at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Drucker abducts his young mentees and plans to run the United States’ blockade in the Caribbean. Can Joseph overcome his fear of talking to Laurel? Can they escape? The answers will determine much more than their future.

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Rescue or another abduction. Will Joseph or Laurel break under intense interrogation? How quickly can Joseph adapt to the spy world? Will they help prevent a nuclear holocaust?

Whitey Eckstein

With his passion for the past, our Poppa greatly influenced Project RM. To honor him, here is our dedication in The Code (launching this Friday)- To Herbert “Whitey” Eckstein, a man who understood the importance of history.

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Project RM is born. First mission, locate the other geniuses. First obstacles, the FBI, the CIA, and possibly his new team members--a leader he didn't expect and a girlfriend to whom he did not listen. Unless Joseph can clear these hurdles and master the intelligence business, their secret agency will fail.

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Blindsided by betrayal on his first mission, can Joseph regroup and work with Laurel to save the many prodigies the KGB has kidnapped? Failure means a life of slavery for most and, for Joseph and Laurel, torture--maybe even death. Success means a strong core to ignite Project RM.

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In an immense, secret West Virginia bomb shelter meant to preserve a working government after a nuclear blast, Joseph Solomon stares at his future. He, Laurel Lyons, and Director Nick McKenzie, face 18 other geniuses--some of the most intelligent people on the planet. Can Joseph convince those polymaths to become RMs? What will happen if any of them says, "No"? Of the group, who might rise to rival our hero?

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Forced out into the cold night at gunpoint, Joseph is sent on a mission to save the 20th genius from the Soviets. In his way stands a small army intent on killing him. With Laurel and his friends trapped at the RM headquarters, Joseph is on his own. He has no weapons and no idea what lies ahead. What does he know? If he doesn't kill everyone in his way, he won't survive.

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Joseph survived death and destruction in New York. He's never been closer to realizing his dream with Laurel by his side. To do so, they must invade their underground bunker in West Virginia and take on their rival and his guards. Will Laurel and all of the RMs survive? The outcome of their incursion will shape the future of Project RM.

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